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What are the features of Doxee document experience?

Doxee document experience is the first all-Cloud Customer Communications Management product, delivered in SaaS and PaaS mode, dedicated to the production, multi-channel distribution and archiving of communications and documents. The Customer Communications Management capabilities of Doxee document experience enable the creation and distribution of paginated documents, from processing and enriching complex data to enhance its quality to administering articulated workflows to generate documents and distribute them to recipients through digital and paper channels. 

The benefits of the document experience line: 

  • The customer at the center of communications
  • Effective management of batch and on-demand document production processes
  • Multi-channel distribution and archiving
  • Easy integration with existing systems through APIs and specific connectors
  • Tracking and Monitoring of production and delivery
  • Reduced time to market and scalability thanks to the Cloud
  • On-time production SLAs and reliability

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At Doxee, we revolutionize the customer experience with innovative technologies that help businesses communicate and interact with their customers more effectively, creating strong relationships that lead to lasting business growth. Our cloud products dedicated to CCM, Digital Customer Experience and Paperless offer our partners and customers a comprehensive and integrated set of applications.

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