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From the data to the customer experience: The role of the CRM in the management of the business communication

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A properly implemented CRM solution can go as high as 45% ROI for every dollar invested.

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Among the tools available today to manage the customer base - and the treasure trove of knowledge stored there - there are CRM applications.

How can the potential contained in the customer base be unlocked in order to build loyalty? How can companies best use CRM software to implement concrete and effective customer management actions? What are the main stages of a path that leads to creating positive and engaging customer experiences? In this whitepaper, we will see how any effective response to these questions revolves around the creation of specific digital technologies that are able to support the development of a system of personalized communications.

In this whitepaper:

  • we'll try to answer the question "what is Customer Relationship Management?" and we'll explain why the adoption of a CRM system today is not only indispensable for efficient company processes, it also represents an incredible opportunity for growth and enrichment for any organization.
  • we'll explain all the strategies for building loyalty and developing the customer base that are implemented thanks to the use of CRM software functions.
  • we'll look at CRM software, and in particular the metrics they track, as a way of correctly and accurately measuring company performance.
  • we will talk about the value of the data already present in CRM systems as the indispensable initial step in any subsequent communication process. From here, a fluid, decisive, and engaging customer experience, takes shape.
  • we will focus on the Doxee technology universe to show how improving the overall customer experience with the company is now possible, thanks to solutions that digitize communication processes that create and enhance data-driven, personalized, and contextual interactions.


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Doxee interactive experience

Your customers are not numbers, they’re people. Doxee ix, Doxee Pvideo® and Doxee Pweb® products can improve the customer's perception of your company and your products. Thanks to personalized and engaging videos by Doxee Pvideo® and Pweb®'s interactive micro-websites based on HTML5, we’ll help you explain and convey complex content in a clear and effective way.

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Doxee Pvideo®

Frees your creativity: with personalized videos, storytelling has no limits and can be adapted to any type of customer, thanks to personalized content. Integrated speech synthesis ensures personalized and detailed narration up to the single variable field.

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Doxee Pweb®

Our interactive microsite service combines the flexibility and interactivity of a web page with the ability to engage personalized content, maximizing conversion rates and providing your customers with rich and personalized information based on their tastes and needs.

From the data to the customer experience: The role of the CRM in the management of the business communication