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Advanced platforms and innovative methods for debt collection: Proposals from Doxee

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Dunning, credit collection (or debt collection) are terms that indicate essentially the same mode of relationship between different subjects, the same operating context and the same process that identifies an organization that has an important impact on the economy and on people’s lives.

In the first section of this whitepaper, we will attempt to answer some general questions about the current context and future prospects. In the second section, we will see how the emphasis must be shifted from the mere execution of collection activities to the design of a broader customer experience obtained through accurate, profiled, and interactive solutions. In the case of credit collection, the most successful digital strategies are those where successful digital strategies are the ones that are increasingly personalized.

A third section will then explain how evolved platforms, at the service of companies and public bodies, can contribute to optimizing the time and costs of the search and collection of insolvencies, and we will emphasize once more the role that communication plays within increasingly structured and automated processes.

The fourth section will look at innovative methods of transforming communications and reminders into opportunities for contact with customers. This includes methods and tools such as those developed by Doxee to help businesses and public agencies build a truly unique Digital Customer Experience.


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Advanced platforms and innovative methods for debt collection: Proposals from Doxee