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The Power of Interactive Communications: Making CXM a Feasible Choice for Your Future

In this webinar our guest speakers Kaspar Roos and Will Morgan from Aspire talked about the importance of CXM (Customer Experience Management) and why this is a top investment for companies in 2022 and beyond!

GUEST SPEAKERs: Kaspar roos and will morgan FROM aspire!

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Featuring guest speakers Will Morgan and Kaspar Roos from Aspire!


In this webinar with guest speakers Kaspar Roos, CEO and Founder of Aspire, and Will Morgan, Senior Analyst at Aspire, we explored how companies can respond to customers needs for increasingly digital, personalized and cross-channel communications.

We discussed the current market research as well as how Doxee's investments in personalized video and on-demand interactive experiences have improved its cloud-native document offering, providing business users with the features they need to quickly and easily create personalized communications and digital experiences.

To attract and retain customers today, organizations must foster interactions that cater to their needs and preferences by leveraging every touchpoint as an opportunity. As a result, organizations will need to be able to manage large volumes of data at their disposal to increase the personalization of content and develop digital conversations with their customers.

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • How to feed relevant and attractive content to your customers
  • Why companies need the right technology to deal with a high level of complexity and to manage the entire communication process
  • How to adopt a digital experience platform to easily manage and address all the touchpoints of a Customer Journey!



Kaspar Roos

Kaspar Roos

CEO & Founder, Aspire

Francesco Goldoni-2

Francesco Goldoni

Document Experience Product Manager, Doxee

Will Morgan

Will Morgan

Senior Analyst, Aspire

At Doxee, we revolutionize the customer experience with innovative technologies that help businesses communicate and interact with customers more effectively, creating strong relationships that lead to lasting business growth. Our cloud products dedicated to CCM, Digital Customer Experience and Paperless offer our customers and partners a complete and integrated set of applications that fully support the customer journey.




Doxee interactive experience helps you build an interactive communication with your customers thanks to Pweb® and Pvideo®.



Doxee paperless experience meets the dematerialization needs of tax and document processes in compliance with Italian and European standards.



Doxee document experience is the cloud multichannel document manager that improves your Customer Communication Management.

The Power of Interactive Communications

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