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May technology transform billing into compelling experiences?



Watch the webinar!


Watch the webinar with guest speaker from Forrester!


The Digital Economy is recognized as a world of new business opportunities where the competition is more fierce than ever before. To remain competitive, companies need to add greater value to even traditional services such as billing processes and document preservation, taking advantage of the technologies available and transforming those simple moments into engaging and powerful communications.  

By doing so, brands can meet the expectations of their customers and also gain a competitive advantage.  

Enrico Celotto, CMO at Doxee, Francesco Compiani and Francesco Goldoni, Product Managers at Doxee, and guest speaker Lily Varon, Senior Analyst serving digital business strategy professionals at Forrester,  show you how to enhance the Billing Experience for your clients.    

 During the session, you will learn about: 

  • The importance of focusing on the billing experience   
  • How to transform the bill into an engaging moment for your customer  
  • How to prevent complaints and bill-shocks through a perfect and personalized digital onboarding process  
  • The importance of meaningful, relevant information and visually interesting designs in customer communications   
  • How interactive and explorative features boost readability and satisfies customer expectations   

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At Doxee, we revolutionize the customer experience with innovative technologies that help businesses communicate and interact with customers more effectively, creating strong relationships that lead to lasting business growth. Our cloud products dedicated to CCM, Digital Customer Experience and Paperless offer our customers and partners a complete and integrated set of applications that fully support the customer journey.




Doxee interactive experience helps you build an interactive communication with your customers thanks to Pweb® and Pvideo®.



Doxee paperless experience meets the dematerialization needs of tax and document processes in compliance with Italian and European standards.



Doxee document experience is the cloud multichannel document manager that improves your Customer Communication Management.

May technology transform billing into compelling experiences?