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Personalization in the financial sector

Should banks focus on customer value?

In this webinar with our guest speaker Aurelie L'Hostis, Principal Analyst at Forrester, we will explore how banks can drive customer engagement and focus on customer value by personalizing experiences across the lifecycle and on all touchpoints.

15 SEPTEMBER, 2022 at 4:00pm CEST


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Join the webinar with our guest speaker Aurelie L'Hostis from Forrester!


Most banks are taking a narrow approach to personalization. Digitally empowered customers
are seeking and expecting better, more relevant experiences, in their immediate context and regardless of
the touchpoint they use.

Personalization should deliver value, not just product sales. Yet only a small
number of banks are reaping the benefits of delivering personalized experiences at scale. To become
truly customer led, banks should consider the full breadth of a customer’s experience with the brand.

In this webinar with our guest speaker Aurelie L'Hostis, Principal Analyst at Forrester, and Francesco Goldoni, Product Manager dx at Doxee, we will explore how banks can drive customer engagement and loyalty by broadening personalization beyond the next product sale and personalizing experiences across the lifecycle and on all touchpoints.



Aurelie L’Hostis-2

Aurelie L'Hostis

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Francesco Goldoni

Francesco Goldoni

Product Manager dx, Doxee

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Personalization in the financial sector: why should banks focus on customer value?