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Why podcasts will transform our consumption habits

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"Podcast" is one of those buzzwords that have been circulating on the web for years now but around which there is still some confusion. This ebook will start from the general framework of entertainment content to how podcasts are consumed, with the hope of being able to provide some answers and much food for thought.

In the first chapter we will try to clarify what a podcast is, what makes it a form of entertainment that is appreciated by audiences of listeners around the world. We will describe its main characteristics, and we will talk about podcasts in Italy. 

In the second chapter, we will try to formulate some general indications, with 10 pieces of advice based on the practices of professional podcasters.

The third chapter will focus on how only a close relationship within an organic and organized content strategy can make podcasts and videos work at their best. Video and podcasts are two tools that are more effective if they are conceived as complementary and not alternative.

In the fourth chapter, we'll investigate the forms and meanings that podcasts take on when marketers decide to use them. In fact, branded podcasts are proving to be extremely versatile and powerful resources.


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Why podcasts will transform our consumption habits