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Latest trends and new challenges for luxury marketing

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Find out the latest trends and new challenges for luxury marketing in this free ebook!


What is the context that luxury companies are operating in today? What actions will luxury brand marketing undertake to successfully establish and maintain relationships with its customers? What trends are helping rebuild the “new normal,” which is continually threatened by the spread of the virus? What are the answers that luxury operators and marketers are developing to respond to the new challenges?

In this ebook, you will find some answers, taken from the very difficult experience of the pandemic and, above all, many questions. We will take a look at the present in order to provide some indications of where the luxury market is going, as it progresses in a rapid and an absolutely non-linear way.

In the first chapter, we will overview the new trends in the luxury sector that seem to define the current (even while not definitive) transformed normality. In the second chapter, we will address a trend that, due to its complexity and pervasiveness, can be likened to a true cultural phenomenon, as well as an economic and productive one: personalization.

The third and fourth chapters will focus on two types of marketing strategies, not alternatives, that are widely used by luxury digital marketers: content marketing and video marketing.

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Latest trends and new challenges for luxury marketing