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From lockdown to rebirth: everything you need to know about digital fashion marketing 

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From lockdown to rebirth: everything you need to know about digital fashion marketing. Download the free ebook!


Digital is defined as an established reality to be put to value in order to grow brand equity, both from the financial point of view (the brand as an asset) and from the marketing point of view (the brand as a story).

Even more so than before the emergency, in a context of consumption irreparably transformed by the new measures of social distancing and mandatory sanitization, digital will prove to be even more and more effective in re-imagining business processes, not only for reasons related to contingency but rather for the advantages that derive from its characteristics: connectivity, speed, accuracy, flexibility, communication.

In this ebook we will trace the lines of development along which the marketing of the fashion sector is moving and will move in the coming months. Then, we will discuss on the success factors and assets of web fashion marketing with an overview of the trends currently underway and those expected in the immediate future.

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Your customers are not numbers, they ’re people. Doxee ix, Doxee Pvideo®, and Doxee Pweb® products can improve the customer's perception of your company and your products. Thanks to personalized and engaging videos by Doxee Pvideo® and Pweb's interactive micro-websites based on HTML5, we’ll help you explain and convey complex content in a clear and effective way.

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Doxee Pvideo®

Frees your creativity: with personalized videos, storytelling has no limits and can be adapted to any type of customer, thanks to personalized content. Integrated speech synthesis ensures personalized and detailed narration up to the single variable field.

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Doxee Pweb®

Our interactive microsite service combines the flexibility and interactivity of a web page with the ability to engage personalized content, maximizing conversion rates and providing your customers with rich and personalized information based on their tastes and needs.

From lockdown to rebirth: everything you need to know about digital fashion marketing