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Customer churn: a dramatic problem for the Utility Industry

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Why is the Customer churn a dramatic problem for the Utility Industry? Download the free ebook to find it out!


There is a large and strategic sector that, perhaps more than any other in recent times, has experienced a rapid and radical change: we are talking about the Utility Industry. If until a few years ago the market for electricity, gas, water, internet, and telephony was monopolized by a few large, longstanding players, today, everything has changed today. The market has opened up very quickly, players have multiplied, and the playing field has become hyper-competitive.

Customer churn is that moment when a customer stops being a customer. In such a hyper-competitive market, changing providers has never been easier for customers, and for the company, never more troublesome. Keeping customer churn under control, therefore, is an absolute urgency for companies in the Utilities and Energy sector.

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Customer churn: a dramatic problem for the Utility Industry