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Why choose personalized, interactive video for your brand?


  • The combination of data and video creates unique emotions
  • The presence of scenes or information based on each individual recipient increases engagement
  • 80% of people who start a personalized video watch it to the very end
  • The presence of an interactive Call to Action directly in the video improves the conversion rate of each project
  • Thanks to data analytics, you can get to know your customers better
  • No more simple campaigns: integrate your processes with a Customer Experience solution that improves the ROI of your marketing campaigns

Doxee Pvideo® is a service designed to support the creation of a digital customer experience that values the customer, thanks to interactive and personalized communications.

Pvideo is part of the Doxee interactive experience (ix) line, which accompanies your customers along the customer journey with content, offers, and information that are in line with their needs and expectations.

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At Doxee, we revolutionize the customer experience with innovative technologies that help businesses communicate and interact with its customers more effectively, creating solid relationships that lead to lasting business growth. Our cloud products dedicated to CCM, Digital Customer Experience and Paperless offer our customers and partners a complete and integrated set of applications that fully support the customer journey.


Download the Product Overview