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Doxee has been recognized as 2022 SPARK Matrix™ leader for Customer Communication Management by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

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Discover why Doxee has been named a Leader in the 2022 Quadrant SPARK Matrix™ for Customer Communications Management

The digitization of communication processes is the starting point for developing valuable relationships with customers and citizens through data-driven, personalized, and contextual interactions

At Doxee, we’ve been supporting digital transformation processes for nearly two decades, helping businesses extract value from data and transform it into communications and relationships with our technology. In this scenario, implementing a Customer Communications Management (CCM) strategy aimed at the digital world means allowing your company to embrace digital transformation by radically changing the way you communicate, introducing personalization and multi-channel delivery.

Doxee Platform® is the first Customer Communications Management (CCM) product entirely dedicated to Cloud (SaaS and PaaS) creation, multi-channel distribution, and archiving of communications. Doxee Customer Communications Management capabilities enable the creation and distribution of documents, from processing and enriching complex data to increase its quality to administering articulated workflows to generate documents and distribute them to recipients through digital and paper channels. Through its cloud service model, Doxee offers expertise and technological excellence by supporting companies on their digital path, helping them to revolutionize their communications and put the customer at the center of their communication strategies.

With 2 billion communication and 350 million e-invoices managed every year, Doxee Platform® is a reliable solution to personalize and automate company-wide customer interactions.

"Doxee, with its comprehensive technology for customer communication management (CCM), has received strong ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact and has been positioned amongst the technology leaders in the 2022 SPARK Matrix of the customer communication management market”

Pallavi Bothra, Analyst, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

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Doxee document experience

While Customer Communications Management tools are growing from supporting static, printed output and one-way broadcasting to creating dynamic, web-based and interactive communications via multiple channels, you need a provider that can smoothly support this transition. That's what Doxee dx delivers. 

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Multichannel solutions for document management

With Doxee, enterprises have the benefit of optimizing all channels, paper or digital, with continuity and flexibility. Doxee dX solutions make batch production of large volumes easier than ever before.


ERP and CRM integration

Doxee dX works within the existing framework of your CCM strategy. We provide easy and fast integration to ensure that third-party applications and legacy systems aren't obstacles but a seamless part of your framework.

Doxee has been recognized as a technology leader for Customer Communication Management by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions