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Eni gas e luce and Doxee: 360° digitalization

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The digitization path by Eni gas e luce and Doxee has made it possible to go from 15% to about 30% of digital customers in 24 months. Learn more, download the Case Study!


Eni gas e luce is a company founded in July 2017 and 100% controlled by Eni SpA for the retail and business market of gas, electricity, and energy solutions, and it has more than 9 million customers in Europe.

Eni gas e luce has always been a digital organization, open to innovation, ideas, and new technologies for improving the entire customer journey and optimizing the use of energy. With these objectives in mind, Eni gas e luce has entered into a collaboration with Doxee to:

  • Create post-billing and credit communication services for consumer customers
  • Enrich the digitization process of its customer base with innovative and interactive back-end services

Doxee is the ideal supplier to meet the needs of Eni gas e luce, which adopts all three Doxee product lines: Doxee interactive experience (ix), Doxee paperless experience (px) andDoxee document experience (dx). Doxee products have enabled Eni gas e luce to transform communication processes through digital transformation, moving from mandatory communications to new digital experiences.

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At Doxee, we revolutionize the customer experience with innovative technologies that help businesses communicate and interact with customers more effectively, creating strong relationships that lead to lasting business growth. Our cloud products dedicated to CCM, Digital Customer Experience and Paperless offer our customers and partners a complete and integrated set of applications that fully support the customer journey.




Doxee interactive experience helps you build an interactive communication with your customers thanks to Pweb® and Pvideo®.



Doxee paperless experience meets the dematerialization needs of tax and document processes in compliance with Italian and European standards.



Doxee document experience is the cloud multichannel document manager that improves your Customer Communication Management.

Eni gas e luce and Doxee: 360° digitalization