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Electronic Ordering


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Electronic Ordering is the Doxee product dedicated to the dematerialization of order processes aimed, in particular, at Italian and European Public Administrations and their suppliers.  

Electronic Ordering manages the procedures for receiving and sending orders to and from the Order Sending Node (NSO) in the different ways provided by the regulations: Simple Electronic Order, Complete Electronic Order, and Pre-arranged Electronic Order.

It can be used in synergy with the other products of the px line, Electronic Invoicing and Legal Electronic Archiving, for a complete dematerialization of customer-supplier processes in full compliance with the Italian and European regulations currently in force. 

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Trusted by hundreds of Enterprise Companies and Government Institutions



Doxee paperless experience

Working with some of the largest Italian customers, we have produced and sent more than 500 million documents, digitized over 80 million pages in AgID-certified substitute storage systems, and managed 20% of all electronic invoices to the Italian PA exchange.

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Digital archiving

Doxee LEA - Legal Electronic Archiving è the ISO 27001 and AgID certified service for the preservation of IT documents according to the highest standards of security and quality, which has been used by italian companies for 10 years.


Electronic invoicing

The Electronic Invoicing service is the center of our Paperless Experience offer. Easy to integrate with any system or process, it was chosen by the largest Italian companies for its reliability and security, and it is available for both Individuals and Public Administrations.


Electronic ordering

In full compliance with the technical rules in force, offers companies the ability to perform a range of transactions (simple, pre-arranged or complete) for the provision of goods or services.

Electronic ordering