Improve Customer Experience in the B2B market with personalization


In a world of shrinking attention spans and growing expectations for customization, your B2B strategy must be able to stand out from the pack.

If your communication isn't targeted to your customer’s buying habits and preferences, you may risk losing their attention altogether

Download our new whitepaper to learn more about the benefits of using personalization in your next customer communication, promotional message, or onboarding campaign. 


Whitepaper - Improve Customer Experience in the B2B market with personalization

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Doxee Interactive Experience

Your customers are not numbers, they ’re people. Doxee iX, Doxee Pvideo®, and Doxee Pweb® products can improve the customer's perception of your company and your products. Thanks to personalized and engaging videos by Doxee Pvideo® and Pweb's interactive micro-websites based on HTML5, we’ll help you explain and convey complex content in a clear and effective way.

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Doxee Pvideo® frees your creativity: with personalized videos, storytelling has no limits and can be adapted to any type of customer, thanks to personalized content. Integrated speech synthesis ensures personalized and detailed narration up to the single variable field.


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Our interactive microsite service combines the flexibility and interactivity of a web page with the ability to engage personalized content, maximizing conversion rates and providing your customers with rich and personalized information based on their tastes and needs.