Doxee for Ciscra - Case Study


Ciscra has chosen Doxee to performe document composition, document production and all related activities: multichannel distribution, marketing campaign management, tracking and reporting.


Campaign results:

  • Significant savings in postage costs
  • Document aggregation and reduced number of envelopes
  • Multichannel document distribution
  • Flexibility in document design
  • Value-added customer communication







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Case Study - Doxee for Ciscra

Our Customers


Doxee Document Experience

While Customer Communications Management tools are growing from supporting static, printed output and one-way broadcasting to creating dynamic, web-based and interactive communications via multiple channels, you need a provider that can smoothly support this transition. That's what Doxee dXdelivers. 


Multi-channel Solutions for Document Management

With Doxee, enterprises have the benefit of optimizing all channels, paper or digital, with continuity and flexibility. Doxee dX solutions make batch production of large volumes easier than ever before.


ERP and CRM Fast Integration

Doxee dX works within the existing framework of your CCM strategy. We provide easy and fast integration to ensure that third-party applications and legacy systems aren't obstacles but a seamless part of your framework.